Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Summer Happening

I love this kid.
He thought for sure that he needed
this cologne.  For the ladies;)
Sister.  She's a riot.
My little gymnast...always on crutches;)
My mom and dad gave Hudson this
little night stand that my dad had made
years and years ago.  Hudson was
so proud of his new table!!!
He wanted me to send this picture
with him in it to show Grandmother
and PaPa how his new table looks;)
Mommy had different plans for the 
new night stand though.
So proud that a table my dad 
made in his younger days
is in Hudson's room!  Love that:)
I love my kids' rooms.
Proud Boy!
Their rooms really show
their little personalities.  
ALWAYS baseball ready!
Swimming at the Conners
with Buckley!!!
Sweet girl, her friends and
social media;)
Just gotta laugh at her!!!
Walker at a lesson with Coach DJ!
Sometimes I just crack up at the 
things I catch my kids playing/doing.
They are all three so funny and sweet. 
 Something is always going on;)
HFalls as usual!
We love summer.  
Summer Nights are fun, too!
Haley ALWAYS gets me good!!! ;)
Hadlee made this for Walker before
he left for camp.  I love it.
"I may cry. (Idk yet)."
Huds making Bubba pictures
before camp, too:)
How cute are these two girls!?!?
Grandmother loves her college boy!
After church with my favorite little guy:)
Just looking back and seeing that 
little boy just makes everything seem okay:)
Grocery shopping with Walker & Huds...
I love having a house full of kids!!!
Soaking up every minute of summer...
A movie at the Hippodrome with Will
for Bryson's Birthday:)
I just couldn't resist taking some pics
in historic downtown Waco!

Mommy FTW (For the Win!)...
time for new couches and Mommy's 
wish for yellow couches WON!!!
I love love love!
Still lots to do but this was the day
they were delivered and I started
setting everything up!
I even won on the coffee table...
a "treasure chest" ~ even though
Walker insisted we aren't pirates!!! ;)
The boys wish for brown leather couches with 
recliners and cup holders didn't WiN!!!!!!!!!!
Have I mentioned how much we 
LOVE Summer Time?!???!!!!
It's the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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