Friday, January 15, 2016

Our Newest Croc Hunter

When Walker was about this age,
he was obsessed with Steve Irwin.
He watched episode after episode
of the "Crocodile Hunter"!
So much so that we literally called
the Australian Zoo and ordered
him this shirt so he could be
the Crocodile Hunter for Halloween.
It cost quite a bit at the time...
but boy was it worth it!!!
And now Hudson is wearing it:)
Oh how I wish Steve Irwin were still alive.
He was awesome!!!
I have to flash back to Walker,
my original Crocodile Hunter:)
 This was 2007 ~ Walker was five, too!
 Halloween 2007:)
Hudson has found a few old episodes
of the Crocodile Hunter on YouTube.
Is this Bindi Irwin?!?
Huds doesn't like it when 
Sister interrupts his "shows";)
I love this little blond boy's 
imagination SO MUCH.  
It's as if this snake is so real
and he's telling me ALL about it!
I could listen to my little
Crocodile Hunter ALL day LONG!
God bless this little guy!
AND his curious, fun imagination!!!
Hudson reminds me so much of 
my little Walker so it makes all of 
this that much more special!   

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