Monday, January 25, 2016

Summer Sundays ~ Even Getting Wrapped!

I love watching my little Hudson
in Sunday School and thinking about
what kindergarten is going to be like for him!
we love seeing this girl on Sunday morning!
Sunday afternoon play dates are the best...

And sometimes you end up getting
wrapped on a Sunday night 
by a bunch of 7th grade girls;)
I was on the phone with Kelli G
suggesting whom they should wrap!  ;)
Had no clue they were in our
front yard doing THiS!!!!!!
Until we ran out and heard 
a bunch of girls in a mini-van
giggling like crazy as they drove off!!!
Clean UP Crew...
This started the Wrapping War
 of All Wrapping Wars!!!!!!
Daddy was now involved
and started planning his attack
when they will least expect it!   ha ha!

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