Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mallet Finger

On the last day of strength and conditioning
and ONE WEEK before 7th grade football
camp & two weeks before baseball tryouts,
Walker was at a baseball
lesson in the evening
 ~ throwing a FOOTBALL;) ~
and hurt his finger.
A doctor who happened to be at
the practice, immediately said,
"Walker has a mallet finger."
I thought it was a joke.  I had
never even heard of that, so
we quickly headed to the Urgent Care.
A couple of X-Rays later
and a call to our doctor who
was on vacation, we learned that
Walker did indeed have 
It's the strangest injury because it
doesn't hurt and it just looks kinda odd.
BUT he was told he couldn't 
catch or throw or hit!!! 
Are you kidding me?!?
This was Walker's first "injury" per say...
and unfortunately probably won't be 
his last.  As minor as it was, he 
quickly realized how bad getting
an injury can stink.  
He was told to keep it in this
splint 24/7.  The finger needed
to be kept as straight as possible 
at all times for the next week 
and then see a hand doctor.  
Since Daddy and Walker had so much
riding on this, we all had to go 
with them to see what the doctor had
to say!  Walker went to the doctor
on the first day of football camp,
and thankfully he didn't need to do
any throwing or catching that first day.
We were hoping that the doctor
would clear Walker for those things, 
but he didn't.  He said he really 
needed to hold off for a couple of 
more weeks on catching/throwing/hitting!
Then Big Huds thought he
had a MALLET FINGER, too!  ;)
The doctor slowly but surely
released Walker to do more 
and more, and he made it through
football camp just fine.  The coaches
taught him a different way of catching
to get him by so he wouldn't be behind.
He didn't get to hit at baseball tryouts
since he couldn't wrap his hand around
the bat, but he still did awesome
and the coaches took into account
what they already knew about his hitting.
The doctor released Walker shortly after
school started!  YAY!  
He was free to play football and baseball.
Major crisis averted;)  HA!
This situation made for a great lesson.  
One, on how things happen
and sometimes there is just not much
we can do about them - 
other than to learn from them 
and move on and continue to try our best.  
It was ALSO a great lesson in 
how if this is the worst thing
to happen as of late,
then we need to be THANKFUL
and count our blessings even moreso!!!

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