Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sunday Night After Camp

This was an AMAZING Sunday night
service after Sondays Camp.
Three of Walker's best buds
made the decision to be baptized!!!
I was a little taken aback and wishing
that Walker had to, but then I 
reminded myself what a personal and 
IMPORTANT decision this is.  
Walker said he just didn't quite feel
like he was ready for that.
I understood and respected that.
I'm glad he didn't get caught up 
in the moment.  I truly can tell
that he is a thinker and a believer.
His day will come:)

Today, we celebrated his buddies
making this awesome decision!
Then it was off to the After Camp PARTY!!!
While the boys were at their party,
Kim and I took the girls and Huds
to eat.  We laughed and laughed and 
laughed at these two...
 "This is how these girls PRAY"!!!!!!!!
Pray ON, Girls!!!!!!!!!

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