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Sondays Camp for Walker

I seriously could NOT believe that the
time had come for one of my children
to attend Sondays Camp.!
God is so good!
Walker has never been the type to 
leave us for very long ~ spending 
the night with a friend ever so often.
I had no idea if he'd want to attend camp.
I had always said that I would make him, 
but as the time approached, I changed 
my mind.  I thought this needed
to be something he chose to do or not
to do.  On the night of the "Sign Up Rally"
for Sondays Camp, I told Walker I 
could send a check with him or 
he could decide later and then we 
could get him signed up.
Randomly right before we left to go,
he asked me to send a check
with him just in case he decided to go.
Well, he signed up that very night
and has never looked back. :)
I have prayed for this to happen
for many years.
This camp meant so much in my life ~
spiritually and otherwise.  
As the week approached, 
we were all a little bit anxious!!!;)
Hadlee and Hudson made sweet
little books to put in his suit case.
This was all their doings.  
I love their hearts.  
Their books were precious...
Sweet Girl was also working on her
own little journal ...........
Then there was Huddy's book 
for his Big Brother...
Throwing a football to each other...
Hudson was so upset over the thought
of a week without Walker :(

The day before Walker left for camp,
he asked us if he could get a 
James Avery cross necklace.  
We couldn't turn that down:)
We are so proud of this kid.  
I also made him do a lot of shopping;)
I got him some "dressy" shoes
for the evenings at camp.  
He didn't wear his Sperry's once
at camp!  ha ha!
He was more into wanting to show
me that he thought he had a six pack;)
He also didn't wear ANY of these
clothes that I had made him try on!!!!!
SILLY boy!!!!!!!!!!!
Grandmother came by 
to love on her boy, too!
I was obsessed with making sure
he had enough sets of clothes!!!!!!!!
I just couldn't help myself;)
I even made him a pic collage
to look at on his phone so he would know.
We met at the church on Sunday afternoon
and then it was off to Mt. Lebanon!!!!!
I was so excited, yet anxious...
but mostly just thrilled for my boy!!!
Walker was cool, calm and collected;)
Hudson was DEVASTATED!!!
These siblings love each other so much!
It's one thing I can say we've done right;)
And then we were there!
Before we even pulled into the camp grounds,
everyone was tired of MY camp stories! ha ha!
Getting settled!!!
Logan had saved Walker a bunk...
I absolutely LOVE this group of boys!!!
I was so excited for the week 
I knew they were about to experience.  
The sisters were taking it all in, too!  
What a great group of guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome Leaders, too!!!!!!
We left to go eat a late lunch with
another family before leaving.  
I knew this would be Walker's last
real meal for the week;(
Then we drove around Mt. Lebanon.
I just had to show them my cabin!!!
I went to this camp six summers in a
row and have the most AMAZING,
incredible memories from it.
I still can't believe Bob is still
the one......I love this man dearly.
Then we went back to the 7th grade boys 
lodge before it was time for us to leave.  
Sweet Sisters!
AND Little Brothers:)
Saying our good byes to this 
boy we love so very, very much.  
HOLD ME!!!!!!!!!!!
The guys were all so pumped!
I think we all cried when we left.
I know I did:(
And I know that Hudson did:(
3Spoons when we got back to Waco:(
But we knew Bubba would be just fine.
In fact, I knew that he'd be better
than EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So then I pretty much hardly 
ever heard from Walker:(((
Rules are not to have your phone out
much at camp, and I'm afraid
Walker took that quite literally!!!!!!!
Instead, I pulled out all of my
camp photo albums and did 
group texts with all these people
that I still to this day absolutely 
adore and love and count as 
my dearest friends.  
Who doesn't love Al Denson?
Apparently I really did love him because
I had a button of him on my top button!
ME at camp in 7th grade.
Kelli G at camp in 7th grade.  
Date Night or "Friend" Night 
as it is now called was of BIG discussion
for the boys  and girls.
My "Friend" Night picture
might be the BEST :)
Free the Fire
I don't know why I had so many pictures
of & with my dear friends' future husbands;)
I texted Walker OFTEN
and rarely heard BACK!!!  
And when I did, his responses
weren't the most elaborate;)
Walker is THE pickiest eater 
in the world (other than ME!).
Food is just not our love language
nor any where near it;)
Then THIS....  
The BeST.
One of Kelli's high school best girls
sent us this.  
Kelli and I both agreed that they 
had to be the cutest couple at camp.
Even though they aren't a couple.  
And of course she and I had to be 
the coolest girls from years past.  ;)
Hadlee made this for me:)
I absolutely LOVED when one of 
the high school girls would text a 
picture or a chaperone would post
pictures on Facebook.
I was a total stalker that week!!!  
I was missing my boy.  
Again, Walker barely texted with me,
so it was back to my old camp pictures;)
Once a First Woodway Duck,
ALWAYS a Duck.  
The Sondays Camp group from Woodway
has certainly grown.  
When I did hear from Walker,
it was either for a few minutes during their
afternoon break or very late at night.
Mostly I got, "It's going great!"
Funny texts!!!!!!!!!

Walker.  I love this kid so much.
He is so himself. 

He listens to his Mama so well;)

Favorite part?  "Rec"!!!
 Surprise surprise coming from 
my 13 year old boy!
Walker never posted on his Instagram.
I'm glad some of his friends did!!!
We missed Walker a lot.  
I could kinda see him in the 
background of this picture off Facebook! 
I couldn't WAIT to hear about 
Friend Night!  Walker had
mentioned that he might "opt"
out of that night ~ which wasn't an 
option;)!!!  They draw for their
"friends" late Wednesday night.
 Walker's Turn.............
 He got a precious and sweet
7th grade girl:)
 And wouldn't you know...Walker,
of all the boys, got chosen
to have not one, BUT two "friends"!!!
This time he got a fun, cool
EiGHTH grade girl!!!
"Friend" Night 2015
I heard from the mom grapevine
that Walker was quite the gentleman.
The quiet gentleman I should say:)
On Friend Night, the boys go
pick up their date at their cabin,
give them a flower and then 
carry their trays at dinner.
My handsome and sweet boy
with one of his precious dates:)
The Concert of Prayer is something
that is new.  We didn't have that
in my seven years at Sondays.
A chaperone put a video of the First
Woodway group marching to 
the Concert of Prayer with the
bag pipes playing.  It looked
amazing.  That many young people
heading to pray.  Wow, just wow.  
It was very moving.
Hadlee and Hudson also made 
Welcome Home signs for Brother!!!
Walker had a blast at Hurricane Harbor
the last day and sent me this pic 
of him and Cade on the way home:)
I had purchased his Pre-AP summer 
reading book while he was gone!  ;)
We were at the church very early on Friday 
evening (even though Daddy was tracking 
their trip home by Walker's phone)...
We just couldn't wait to see this boy
get off the bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Troy was lost all week without
Walker.  Like seriously.  
It was cute, but kinda sad;(
Huds was so happy!!!!!!
I think I was the happiest Mom 
in the world right about this moment:)
So thankful that Walker
and so many of his awesome 
buds experienced this week together!
Love these two Walkers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Walker really bonded with 
some of the guys from different schools 
which makes me SO proud.
Like these he used to play
baseball with and one that he will
soon be playing in select with!
Dad didn't know what to do with
himself in the evenings without
Walker to go to the cages with 
or throw a ball with! 
And, well, I just missed my boy.
He's my heart:)
Next we were off to get pizza of course!!!
Our boy needed his pizza fix!!!!!!!!
My heart was full again!
Sondays Camp 2015!!!

Anyone that knows me well knows that I am
rarely away from my kids (God bless them for having
a crazy mama like me!);  therefore, my kids
 have never wanted to go to any camp whatsoever.
I've always thought though that when it came
time for Sondays Camp that I would
force them because I know how amazing it is.
As it approached for my first born, I 
realized I couldn't FORCE him to go.  
Instead I prayed that he would WANT 
and CHOOSE to go.  AND he did!!!
I am so thankful.
I attended this camp six times during
my youth and it holds such a special
place in my heart.  Sure the hype of
camp came and went during the years,
but what I felt there ~
God's TRUE presence ~
has never left me even to THIS very day.
My prayer is that my son 
and his friends experienced that this week.  
They won't ever forget it.  

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