Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Travis Lately

My Superman. 
He's just plain amazing.  
Walking as part of his exercise
in his own backyard.
Falling some, but ALWAYS 
getting right back up.  
Ain't no step for a stepper:)

A stepper like Travis anyway....

Will, Trav's awesome friend from high
school came and stayed a couple of days.
Will is such a true friend.
Too bad he moved out of Texas.

We love Will.
We always have:)
One morning in July, we had the pleasure
of taking Travis to his therapy 
out at REACH.  

Happy Morning...
Amazing Grace.  

Amazing Guy.
Amazing Place.

Amazing People.

Amazing God.  
Doing the "X" for Ed on KWTX!
What do you know?!?
Ed put Travis and the awesome people
at REACH on the news that night!
What we have done...

and what we will continue to do
for Travis to be able to talk,
eat, and walk on his own again.  

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