Saturday, January 2, 2016

Wacky Wednesdays

One Wednesday after church
instead of Walker and his buddies
going to eat with the church group,
they decided to all go eat 
at Fuddruckers with a group of girls.
Kelli G and I just happened to be
the moms that took them all:)
We giggled from across the restaurant
that they all sat on the couches to eat!  
The girls did one thing 
and the boys did another;)
A super cute group of kids!
Huds and Hads never too far away from them;)
Cade, Logan, Kyle, Walker, Jared
Claudia, Kate, Caroline, Ella Reid
They really are a great bunch of young people.  
I love each of their parents, too.  

On the way home, the guys persuaded
me that they needed to wrap the girls'
house where they were having a slumber party;)
We really did need to get them back!
So I fell for it!!!
I made all the boys call their moms
and ask for permission to go wrapping;)
LOL!  And of course I explained
how the moms of the houses we 
were going to wrap were cool with it!  
BECAUSE they had wrapped US first!!!
It was ON!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even this little guy was in on it!!!
SCARED Mama!!!!!!!!!!!!
We were all cracking up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's my boy!
...Right before we got busted!!!  ;)
Funny night!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just making memories:)
The next day we went to inspect our work;)
These are some funny summer days
hanging with 12 and 13 year old boys!;)
(No parents were upset by any of this...
everyone knows that we are all best
friends and just having silly times
with our kiddos!)

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Mrs. Davison said...

Fun times for the kids, and us moms too! Boy, Walker is growing so tall! I love your family! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Praying for all of you this 2016!