Sunday, January 17, 2016

Gulf Shores II

What's UP, Gulf Shores?!?
Another GORGEOUS day at 
the Beach Club was what was up!!!
Big Brother is Watching;)
Big BrotherS!
Having a BLAST at the pools 
to start off Day II in Gulf Shores!
Beach Time Again!
This was AMAZING!
We surfed;)
The guys played frisbee and football!
Sister played in the sand:)
This little surfer boy loved the beach!
But so did this big guy:)
Such a HUNK!
We had such an awesome time!
Pierce Party of Five ~ Gulf Shores!!!
Why did I EVER think an action
jumping shot on the beach 
might be a good idea;)
Maybe for all of the cute kids!
This girl is perfection to me:)
My heart at the beach.  
The Baylor Bear and the Aggie! 
Ready for Dinner...
We had a lovely and fun dinner at
 one of the restaurants at the Beach Club.  
Then we played some chess!
Then back to the beach to look for crabs!
Hadlee wanted nothing to do with
looking for crabs;)
But the guys were ALL about it!
I was feeling so INCREDIBLY blessed
to be at the beach with my favorite four.  

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