Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Walker's First Wednesday Night Live!

Walker's first Wednesday Night Live
at church was the night before
the last day of school!  
It was also the camp rally where students
can sign up for Sonday's Camp.
I had no idea if Walker would want to 
go and told him there would be no pressure.
Before church, he asked for a check
just in case he decided to sign up.
And he did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so, so excited for him:)
and all of these fun kiddos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even Haley photobombing from her car!
Drop off and Pick up at WNL
was not without event!!!;)
Kelli happened to have the TRANSIT
that night and, well, things just got CRAZY!
Kelli & me and as many high school
and jr. high kiddos as we could load up!!!!!!
It was a RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are always up for FUN!!!!!!!!!!
Soon to be 7th grader girls and guys
(and Hadlee!!!)! 
Such a fun/funny night!!!!!!!!!!
Don't think any of us mamas will
stand back the next few years;)
So excited for the adventure and learning
that comes along with being in the
Youth Group!!!
Wednesday Night Live used to be 
my favorite night of the week!!!
Walker didn't find it cool AT ALL that
I tried on his Sondays Camp tank though!;)

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