Sunday, October 25, 2015

Walker in the Youth Group!!!

I couldn't believe when this
letter arrived welcoming my son
into the Youth Group.
How in the world could this be?
Especially it being the same
youth group I was in 
with the same youth minister?!??!!!
Then I couldn't believe it even more
when I dropped him off at his first youth
group event ~ the same church youth 
group that provided me with my most 
favorite memories from jr. high 
and high school AND provided 
me the foundation for my relationship
with God...with MY youth minister - 
still to this day one of the most
influential people in my life!!!
I couldn't help but shed a few
happy tears and lots of prayers over 
the whole deal.  This is just really cool.  
The ministry is bigger and better
than ever and I'm so thrilled
for Walker to experience it all!
This is the Jr. High Group...
Praying this is the start to an 
amazing and wonderful and strong
journey with Jesus and leading
others to Christ!!!!!!
Not only do I credit this youth group
with providing me a strong foundation
in my faith, let me just be honest...
it also kept me out of a lot of trouble
through my high school years.
I loved nothing more than being
at church and at youth events.  
I'm so excited for Walker:)
A full circle moment for sure!  

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