Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hadlee's 3rd Grade End of Year Party!!!

Hadlee's third grade class end 
of year PARTY!!!!!!
What an AWESOME year:)
Ms. Penson was WONDERFUL!!!
The class gave Ms. Penson this super
cute book and gift cards to her
favorite places!  
I love joining with other parents
to spoil our teachers:)
Amanda makes gifts SO cute!
Hadlee was also so excited to give
gifts to her two favorite custodians.
They are so sweet!!!
And they just love Hadlee!
Snow Cones and Games!!!
Silly Kiddos!!!!!!!!
We love Miss Mac!!!!!!!!!!!
They were so excited to give
Ms. Penson her gifts!
She is SUCH a special lady!!!!!!!!!!!!
So thankful for an AWESOME 
third grade year!!!!!!!!!!
This lady has loved my daughter well.
I will forever be grateful for her
kindness and love and expertise. 
She's the best:)
Next it was off to the gym 
for these third graders....
too much fun to be had!!!
I had to squeeze a quick pic
with my favorite though!!!
Love her so much..........

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