Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hadlee's Market Day

Hadlee was so excited that 
"Market Day" had finally come around
for her!  She knew exactly what 
she wanted to do......
Duct Tape Land with Jersi:)
Getting prepared....
I wasn't the best employee;)
She and Jersi Girl were cute with 
all of their ideas!
Of course they needed matching duct
tape shirts to wear!!!!!!!!
The day had come!!!
Duct tape bow and all;)
"They'll STICK with you!"
Two cutest sales girls EVER!!!
They even did "monogramming"...
Ms. Penson bought this one from the girls!
Walker and his friend sold baseball cards,
Hadlee duct tape bags...wonder 
what Hudson will do in the 3rd grade?!?
Sweet Sister hooked Huds up 
at Market Day!!!  
Since she has such good behavior,
she had A LOT of "money" to spend
at Market Day.  She treated brother
to a sword and some baseball cards:)
Total Success!!!!!!!!!!!!
How cute are these two little
entrepreneurs?!?  Love them so much:)
Way to go, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!

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