Monday, October 12, 2015

Rachel's Challenge Celebration

I absolutely LOVE 
"Rachel's Challenge" and everything
it represents.  What an angel 
Rachel is.  I'm beyond thankful
that MISD is 110% committed
to implementing Rachel's "challenge"!
May God bless the family of this young 
lady who lost her life at Columbine
for the lasting legacy they have created.  
I'm so thankful that my little girl
is on the "Rachel's Challenge"
leadership team at South Bosque.  
This was the district wide celebration 
at the MAC in honor of Rachel's Challenge(:
River Valley was there, too!
Walker was also on the "Rachel's Challenge"
Team at South Bosque.  
My prayer is that all of these young people ~
especially my own two ~ truly heard
the message presented to them.  
I love seeing all of these chain links
because they each represent an act of kindness!
And I especially love
seeing Hadlee holding the chain links!

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