Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hooks End With a WIN!

Last game for Walker on the Hooks
and probably his last Little League
game ever. Boo hoo:(
It was a tough season.  Tough.  
Injuries and issues and such.
But I have to say, this kid made me
so proud.  He never, ever complained
and HATED it when I joked about
the Hooks:(  Bad Mom!!!!!!
He was a leader on the team - and that
was hard to do in a situation like this.
He always went to WIN and TRY.  
God bless my favorite Hook!:)
For the last game, Coach Parnell
let Walker pitch for the first time
this season.  He never got the chance
because he was usually catching.  
He looked great out there!
Most precious little sisters EVER!
My Stud Muffin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so thankful to have these two 
awesome moms/friends on the Hooks
with us this year.  God bless our boys
 and their year (and us!!!!!!!!!!!!)!!!
When I looked back through my pictures,
I cracked up because right after the Mom
selfie I found these that the girls had taken;)
After he pitched, Walker finally got
to play the position he was picked up 
for.....FiRST BaSE!  
It was the first time for him to even 
wear the new glove Troy had bought
him before the first practice.  
Since he had to fill in at catcher 
and/or third sometimes,
he never once got to play first!
He was so happy!!!!!!!!!!
My Babe at Bat!
Somehow the Hooks finally pulled off a WIN!!!!!!!
They were so pumped!
Always proud of my two big guys!
No matter what:)
What?  The Hooks WON?!? ;)
He asked all year long when
they were going to finally win! ;)
My handsome guys!  
I love them so much:)
Winning or losing doesn't really matter
to me...what matters is these three
and how they are!!! 
It was a trying season, but I believe
Walker will be better for it!
The team celebrated at Marcos after the game!
Cort, Pey, Walk...
The three 12 year olds on the team!!!
Such good friends.  So thankful for them.
Cute Coaches!
Also loved having RW on the team!
Such a great kid:)
This guy is something else!
I'm so proud of how hard he works,
how he never gives up and 
how he keeps a positive attitude.
My own son teaches me A LOT.  
I love him so!!!

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