Saturday, October 10, 2015

Teacher Life

There is no better way to introduce
Lord of the Flies
than by destroying your classroom
before the students arrive
and telling them they have been
stranded on a desert island 
and must work together to get the
classroom back in order!
They love it and they work well
together (usually!) to get things in order...
I love my 10th graders:)
Then each class gets to destroy the room for
the next class...I think they like that even better;)
Some class take getting the class
into groups and finishing the project
so seriously!  
The best part for me are the LOOKS
when the students get to class!!!!!!
I also love letting students who are
artistic draw out chapters from 
the books we are reading.  
I'm ALWAYS trying to include everyone
and reach everyone and all of their
unique learning styles.....
My students are so talented:)
And this....well, this is #truth:
For my "actors"...I love letting them
play out the roles of characters that
we are reading.  
The students love this!  All it takes
is a couple of them to be into it and 
the rest will follow:)
Then there are those students
who are just one of a kind...
Willie.  He brought a conch to class
for Lord of the Flies.  
This kid.  Love him.  
TeacherLife is draining at times but
so, so very rewarding...especially doing
it with people you love who have the same
mission and love as you do.  

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