Monday, October 19, 2015

Walker's 6th Grade Softball Day and Party

Mrs. Gross's 6th Grade Class!!!!!!!!!
Walker had been looking forward
to this day ALL year!
The much anticipated 6th grade
softball day at the end of the year!!!
Walker and Tatum were voted
TEAM CAPTAINS for their class!
I love these pictures that Tatum's
mom took before the games began. 
Tatum and Walker have a sweet friendship:)
Best buds in the same class!
(even if they don't know it yet!)
So many awesome kiddos in this 6th grade class!
I thought these were the cutest 
team captains EVER!
The coin toss between team captains 
for the first game!
My boy at bat!!!!!!!!!!
With a HUGE hit!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just love these girls so much!
Walker and Tatum had to coach!  ha!
Sweet Jillian!
Walker had a blast all day long!
He loves this sort of stuff:)
AWESOME Young Men!
Go 6th Graders!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Gross's "Go Home We Are
Going to Beat You Anyway" Gang!!!
The best class & teacher!!!
For the afternoon, we had some fun fans!
Cora brought Haddie and Jersi over from 
South Bosque to see the end of the day!
Chad and Hadlee love each other!  ha!
It was an awesome day!!!
I absolutely LOVE Walker's precious
teacher this year!  She is a doll
and a fabulous math teacher!!!
I'm thankful she's my dear friend
now, too!  So very thankful for teachers
who love, care for and teach my kids.  
This boy...he is my heart!
A group of 6th grade boys
headed straight to the Twin Rivers Pool
to jump in and celebrate!!!!!!
A successful softball day for sixth grade!
7th grade here come these crazies!!!
Huds thinks he fits right in with these guys! :)
All the boys love him!
Good times!
Sister was there, too!  
Before I know it, Little Man 
will be in the 6th grade, too.
I hope he will have awesome 
buddies like Walker does!
It's been a fun ride to 6th grade for Walker!

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