Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Last K-Life of the Year

K-Life 2014-2015
I hosted the last K-Life of the year.  
Not quite sure what I was thinking
when I volunteered for this...
but it went well!!!  
(Once I got the boys down off the 
roof of the fort!)

It was a beautiful day!!!
They played Capture the Flag!
Then they ate pizza and cookie cake!  :)
Cade helped this little guy catch a frog;)
This has been a great first year of 
K-Life for these boys.  I'm thankful
for another dose of Jesus in my son's life!
The leaders, Cooper & Andy, have been 
awesome.  I think it's great for our boys
to hear about God from cool college boys.
Plus it's just another way these 
guys are strengthening their friendships!
Each boy wrote Andy and Cooper
a card letting them know how K-Life
has influenced them.  Plus we 
gave them some cash.  
College guys always need cash;)
Cooper and Andy have been awesome.  
Thankful for this year in K-Life for my boy!

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