Friday, October 9, 2015

May Means...

PROM with my teacher friends!!!
AND seeing my beautiful, gorgeous 
and sweet favorite students all dressed up(:
Like Kyndal!!!  
Chandlar (and Colton!!!)
Sweet Ashley!
My Molly!
And of course Kade!!!!!  
Buying a POOL;)
We do what we gotta do to have fun sometimes;)
Popsicles again!!!
Walker still being too cool
for baby pools and pictures;)
Lots of friends over!
Grandmother and her friends 
from high school having lunch:)
Brother taking Revelle everywhere!
Sweet Girl honoring her awesome teacher!
Finding FROGS!!!
My handsome Logan making Walker's
year by taking him to see the new
Aventure movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friday night pizza with the Millers!
Just being CUTE!
Celebrating sweet friend's like Lily!
Sunday School with boys who
will be in KiNDERGaRTeN together!!!
Walker, Brooks, Drew
Daddy trying to help me in 
Sunday School;)
But the wild kids driving him CRAZY!
Sunday naps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laughing about my sister
driving off with the gas line still 
in her car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And constantly giving her a hard time about it!
Having a blast at Mrs. Janice's!
Sister doing Brother's hair;)
Being honored at South Bosque!!!
Hanging with my Huds!!!
Playing ball at Grandmother & PaPa's!
Being amazed at Hadlee's work
and her love for Haley!
Cracking UP at these boys!!!
Honoring AMAZING teachers 
like Mrs. Litton who are retiring!
Just enjoying life.............

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