Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Mother's Day started off in the best
possible way there could be...
at church with my little family:)
Somehow we ended up at 
Academy next though?!?! ;)
Actually we were killing time
while we waited for the crowd
to die down at my favorite restaurant!
It was a beautiful day with the 
My BiG Love included:)
I was so thankful that my mother 
could join us for lunch, too!
Troy wanted his picture 
with Mom, too!  
We wished we could have seen
his Mom on Mother's Day, too. 
There is no greater title in this world
than "Mom" to me.  It's my favorite.
And there is no greater Mom in this
world than mine. 
I am blessed beyond measure!  
This message made my day, too...
And this one, too....... (:

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