Sunday, October 4, 2015

Field Trip Fridays

My team.  
My favorite school team EVER.
We are always on an adventure...
even if it's sneaking over in the morning
to Sonic for a 16 piece mozarella sticks!  
Fridays are designated as
"Field Trip Fridays" because we 
go out for lunch or we go and pick up lunch.
It's the little things. 
I am the oldest on my team
by MANY years.......especially to this guy,
God bless his heart being on our team;)
but I don't let the age difference slow me down.  ha!
We have a blast and we all love each
other dearly.  Even though I might give
Trey a hard time;) 
I'm also known as Mama.
And, well, that's what mamas do!  
A team selfie is always a must
and always difficult.
How many teachers does it take 
to take a selfie?!?
We laugh A LOT!
I'm so thankful for this group:)
God knew we needed to all 
be on the #dreamteam!  
AND that we would need 
Field Trip Fridays;)

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