Saturday, October 3, 2015

Our Catcher on the Hooks

Just never, ever dreamed that my son
would be the catcher.
OR that I would think catcher gear
is CUTE!!!
A silly catcher of course;)
Someday #5, Someday!
My favorite views...
Stud Muffin;)
The Hooks struggled this year.
God bless their hearts!
Walker never complained and never
didn't want to go play ball and try to win!
Not one single time.
It really amazed me.
He had cute fans of course;)
Who like to take selfies to and from
the ball park!  ;)
Jonah at Bat, Walker at Catcher
I never knew how nerve wracking being 
the catcher's mom is.  I swear it's second
to after the pitcher.  So much pressure
on the kid behind the plate!!!
He controls many aspects of the game.
I was so proud of Walker.  
So proud.  
12 years old is NOT the time to have
to learn how to be a catcher.
Especially when you are built like Walker!
He did it though and with the BEST
attitude.  It's true that out of unfortunate
injuries, opportunities arise.
He learned a new position this season.  
We called my girl
"50 Shades of Pink" this cool night;)
One night after a TOUGH loss,
Hadlee came straight home and made
this for her big brother.
Jonathan at Bat, Walker at Catcher
Walker liked catching most for his bud, Ryan!
I love watching my kids do
things that they love.  
I'm so thankful for these days.  
Cort, Kyle, Peyton, Danny, Walker
12 year old baseball lovin' boys!
Grandmother's Boy, too:)
I'm glad that being catcher was
only for a "season" ~ at least I hope.
But I truly couldn't be more proud 
of my son.  He stepped up this year.

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