Thursday, October 22, 2015

Last Days at MHS 2014-2105

Another AWESOME group of 10th grade
students in the books!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know how I end up with such
amazing students each year!
I love teaching high school students:)
My team and I went for gut packs at
Viteks!  Surprisingly enough - this was
 my first one (and last!)....
most of the NaNa's love these, 
but not me!
These are famous in Waco Town...
but just not my thing;)
Some students just seem to keep
coming back!  DeSMoND!
Such a mess!  But always makes me smile:)
Totally busted with my phone though!!!
Anyone who knows me, knows that I have
issues with being COLD........
I'm ALWaYS cold and I hate the cold.
Well, I keep my room warm.  
As in TOASTY.  
It drives the kiddos CRaZY and they
are constantly messing with my 
thermostat.  The struggle is real for all of us!
These four were special...
Colton, Abby, Payton, Carson
I love these girls!
Such a fun and funny group!
I called this class my GT class...
they were smart and crazy FUN!
I love getting to have my good friends'
kiddos like this one!  
I adore these two sweet girls...
they made me smile every single day 
last year.  Karla and Madison:)
On their last day with me, they gave
me this special box!!!!!!!!!!
With a GORGEOUS Kendra Scott
necklace in first long one.
SOOOOOOO thoughtful and generous. 
It made me cry, it was just too kind.  
I love these two young ladies
and they will always be special to me.
They are truly sweet girls.  
Logan!  Love this former student.
He was about to graduate!!!
Aly...another one I won't ever forget!
My "favorite first period this year"...
I told them that every day!  ha!
This young lady was so special, too!
She was new this year, from out of state,
and she is deaf;  yet,
you would never know it. 
I am so touched by many of my students.
She is a beautiful, bright and kind
young lady - with such a tough
disability yet she overcomes it!
Kenny!  I won him over
and he won me over.
I won't ever forget him.  Love him dearly:)
In fact, on the last day of school
I found this on my desk from Kenny
with a Sonic gift card in it.
I don't know that a gift from a student
 has ever meant so much to me.  
I will miss Kenny next year.  
Then there are these two........
Preston and MoMoney.
I loved starting every day off with 
them in first period this year.
Even if they were ALWAYS giving
me a hard time.  Always!!!
But in the funniest, best way.
On the last day of school,
I found this framed collage on my desk.  
I absolutely love that they took 
the time to have one of their dads
take these hilarious pictures 
and to have a collage made for me!
I will treasure it ALWAYS:)
But of course...this girl is my favorite:)
I am going to miss all of my students next year!

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