Saturday, October 17, 2015

Robinett Family Reunion 2015

Troy's side of the family knows 
how to do a family reunion!!!
It's the best weekend(:
This year we moved the reunion to May...
Kasha and Ryan hosted again
at their BEAUTIFUL home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cousin Luvin' ALL day long!!!!!!!!!
This year we had shirts and everything!
AND best of all, PAPA and Grandma Robinett!!!
My cousin, my friend:)
There's no telling........(;
Tennis, anyone?!?
This is what I'm in charge of bringing every year:
Grandma Robinett was not feeling good
at all this weekend ~ it's amazing that 
she even made the trip, but we were 
so thankful.  This is PaPa with ALL
of his grandkids.  
This man...
he's simply the greatest.  
Wish so much that Grandma could have
been in the picture, too.  Next year:)
There is nothing quite like family.  
We couldn't love Jessi more!
So much fun with this gang!!!
Robinett Limbo might have been
my favorite thing all day(;
The little ones wanted to swim 
the entire time...even in the rain!
These two are a mess!
PaPa leading the prayer before dinner...
Then it was time to give Uncle Bubba
a hard time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ;)
Lotto Ticket Time with Uncle Chris!!!
Who won?!?
They all voted to split the winnings!!!!!!!!!!
I know it's a successful day
when our drive home looks like this....
So thankful...
So blessed by this family(:

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