Friday, October 2, 2015

FLASH T-ball in Action

FLASH T-Ball was off to 
an awesome start!!!
Especially with this STUD of a player
and his cute Daddy Coach(:
This year Hudson totally got it!
Our coach said he hoped our team 
would get an "out" this year...
and boy did he get his wish!!!!
Hudson made a least one out each 
game.  He and another boy
really got it!!!  YAY!
Last year we went the whole
season without ever getting an out;)
It was so fun being on the same
team with Hank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was Hank's first year to play
and he did GREAT!!!!!
He's a baller, too;)
They are too cute!
Huds had lots of very sweet fans!  
Grandmother will always be her
grandkids' biggest fan:)
It was so fun supporting our
favorite little ball player:)
I can't get enough of them...
or him...
My Baby Boy!
Every game Hudson got better
and better.  He did so well this season:)
OH my!  He is so stinkin' cute!
I love how they pray before every game.
More wonderful fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Such special days...
Hudson's ball that he HIT
all the way to the other field!!!!!!!!!!
Homerun Hudson;)
He mostly played first or pitcher this season.
We just couldn't be more proud 
of our #5 on the Blue Flash!!!

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