Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dance Recital 2015

I love this day:)

It's all about her.  
She's such a sweet one to celebrate.  
And what dancer doesn't start
her day out with McDonald's 
bacon & pancakes? ;)
Dress Rehearsal!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haddie's Face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Little Girl, you are such a bright light
in an often dark world.  
Look at you dance!  
You have JOY deep down in your heart.  
As my dear Kimberly once told me,
"Go and absolutely shine..."
Four hour Rehearsal in the books!!!!!!!!!!!
My Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haley had something that night so 
she came by to see her girl
before the big show.
Love their relationship so much:)
Hadlee's Boy Fan Club!
Even "bonus big bro" came to watch!
Hadlee, Brenna, Ella Kate
Dance Besties(:
With our sweet girl from Sunday School,
And Baby Cate!  Hadlee adores
Her jr. dance teacher, Molly.
How am I this blessed?!?
She's a little bit of Heaven on earth!
Little Hallie:)
Super Sweet Ballet Class
Show Time!!!!!!!!
She did an AMAZING job!!!!!!
Her teacher always tells me that she's 
a natural...I believe it:)
Sweet Susannah!
Time for Jazz!!!!!!!!!!!
This was Hadlee's first year for 
jazz and she loved it!
They all love Ashlyn!!!!
Jazz Hands!
Hadlee's WONDERFUL teacher
came to watch Hadlee and sneaked back
between dances.  How sweet that she came?
Seriously...just so kind!
Hadlee ADORES Ms. Penson:)
Her darling PE teacher also came!
These two teachers blew me away
giving up their Saturday nights to
watch my little girl dance.  
Miss Mac has Susannah, too.
She brought them flowers:)
Hadlee loves this sweet teacher so much!
They have so much fun with her!
Time for TaP!!!!!!!!!!!
These two have danced together
since the very beginning!
Hadlee loves the stage and the
stage loves her!!!!!!  She just shines!
Way to go, Girlies!!!!!!!!!!!
Lined up for the Finale!
Her audience;)
SiX YeaR TRoPHY!!!!!!!!!
Running to her favorite fan!
Oh my Goodness!
They are the sweetest. 
Their love is just precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haddie Girl has lots who love her!!!!!!!
I just love these pictures!
Sister's Day!!!!!!!!!!
Grandmother & PaPa for the win!
American Girl gymnastics suit;)
A very lucky blessed little girl.  
She already knows what it is to 
be loved by a real man!
Jared and Walker were teaching
PaPa about SELFIES!!!!!!!
And trying to help Grandmother, too!;)
Claire, her other sweet jr. teacher!
Always fun with my crew!
WE LOVE YOU, Hadlee McCall!!!
Little Brother needed to 
love on her, too!
Late night dinner to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!
Go and absolutely shine in 
everything you do, Sweet Girl!
We are so proud of you!!!

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snekcip said...

Awww Hadlee is absolutely BEAUTIFUL Mindy!! Love the costumes and LOVE that all the family showed up (especially the boys who quickly can get bored). I bet she was AMAZING up on stage!!