Thursday, October 15, 2015

Memorial Day Movie

We went to see Pitch Perfect II
during the great flood!!!!!!
Had no idea that such a storm
was brewing and would hit
while we were in the movie theater.
I was so scared and trying to keep
Hadlee calm!!!!!!!!!!

Even though we were stuck in the 
movie theater for a while on 
Memorial Day, we had FuN!!!!
That's just how we roll!!!!!!!!!!
Obviously some tears were shed though;)
My girl was PETRIFIED!!!
Poor thing hates storms......
even a big thing of pop corn couldn't
calm her down:(
I love being with this gang so much!
We made it home safely and everyone
including my parents came to 
our house and Troy cooked for us.
That evening as I looked into my living
room, I was so thankful.  
For my family.
For our safety.
Just for everything.
I knew that just down the street
their house was flooded
and was soon to learn about the 
horrendous flooding tragedies hitting
other parts of Texas.  

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