Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hadlee's 3rd Grade Field Trip!

Troy and I planned in advance to go with
Hadlee on her 3rd grade field trip to 
the Ft. Worth Zoo and to take Hudson
(our only child who hasn't made frequent
trips to that zoo:( #thirdchild!)
ANd then craziest thing,
Walker's school had to close for the day
because of a gas leak!!!!!!!
SO, we had Walker and Hudson
plus Jersi's older sister who is Walker's
age along for the fun field trip!!!
Cuties Face Timing with other 6th graders;)
We made it and hooked up with
the cutest little 3rd grade couple I know...
although they aren't really a couple
because Hadlee doesn't like boys;)
Smart girl;)
This is such a fun group!!!
This was the group I was in charge
of at the zoo!  Precious little girls:)
Michelle, Hadlee, Jersi, Cheyenne
We loved having these two cuties with us!
Crocodile Hunter!!!
They had never seen phones like this!  ;)
Hadlee loves all of her friends so much!
I love these two so much!
We took Walker every year to the 
Ft. Worth Zoo and then Hadlee a 
few times...poor Huds missed out on those
trips!  Glad we took him today ~
he's so fun to have around anywhere!
Snakes EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!
Walker was OBSESSED with snakes
when he was about Hudson's age!
Walker & Presli were funny 
and cute together all day long! 
I'm thankful for the friendships 
we've made through our kiddos!  
Tired, hot girls;)
I love sweet little friendships:)
Wish little girls would stay this 
sweet to one another always!
Maybe Hadlee's little group will!
Pierce Party of Five!
Together in honor of our very
favorite 3rd grade girl:)
We love this zoo!
Baby Lion Cub!!!
Ms. Penson is the BEST!!!
Sweet Hannah
I love a day with this little
girl more than words can say!!!
Ms. Penson's Third Grade Class!!!
Such a super sweet group!
Ms. Penson learned how to take
a selfie that day so she and I texted
back and forth on the way home...
me in my car and her on the bus
sitting with Hadlee and Jersi:)
My sweet girl snoozing ;)
My backseat looked similar!
A sign of a day well spent (;
What a day for the third grade!
An awesome fun-filled third grade field trip!!!

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