Saturday, October 24, 2015

May Gratitude...

My 6th Grader at the end of the year...
Seriously some days after school,
he is just STARVING.  
They are all a mess.
And all starving.  Always.  
This student is the best.
He's one of those that will always
hold a special place in my heart.
The same with these two
precious girls...Madison and Karla.  
I have the best job:)
Nothing like an afternoon drive
in the Batmobile with Hank.  
I love my boy's Instagram.
It's still so sweet and innocent.
I mean, seriously.  LOL!
This kid never stops practicing. 
Sister tries;)
Huds LOVES corn on the cob!!!
3 Spoons after school for 
the besties ~ Jersi & Hadlee :)
Which makes for the perfect
date for ME:)
Oh my.  I love him.  
They are so fun!  
The sun is out which means
get the water hose out, too!  :)
Ever so often the cool neighborhood
kids show up and grace us with 
their presence ;)
But these days, it's never for too long;)
 "Reading Squad"!!!  I love it.  
Our days at the ball park...
I love watching my boy!
And I love these girls!
This was an AWESOME e-mail to get at school!
Almost ready for 3rd grade 
and hoping to be in the same class again!
DR. Pierce
Chasing my boy home on
 his bike late at night!  
She still can't be BEAT!!!
This was Walker's FAVORITE book
when he was young.  It made
my day when Hudson asked for me to read it.
And even more so when Walker 
couldn't resist looking at it again!!!
One of his last days at
River Valley as a sixth grader.
I still can't believe this boy. 
I am so proud of him.  
Looking outside to see this....
Well,'s just priceless!!!
Spring Football Game
Hadlee loves her sweet "friends"
like Amelia and Jordan!
I love driving my boy around.  
AND my girl:)
I scream!  I scream!
Hadlee's year book came out 
and we were dying that Haley,
Hudson, and I made our way into it!!!
Ball Park Babes
Three peas in a pod who I know
will be precious friends FOREVER!
D-Money at bat with Walker at catch!
Still can't believe my boy
was the catcher for a season!!!
These three:)
This had to be my favorite meme
of the year!  How many times
do we watch this happen!?!???!!!
This kid is awesome at Uno, too!
Shopping for Mrs. Janice's present...
Face Timing with Hadlee and her
friend Hannah while I was out and about...
A sweet girl put a group together
to meet at Rice Field and play soccer.
Walker had such a great time:)
This little girl is my sweet angel...
She loves nothing more than to 
cuddle up next to her mommy or daddy:)
And when this guy sees his sister
doing that to his mama, he's
all about moving in and getting his mama back!  ;)
Baseball Rained Out:(
Boo Hoo!
I couldn't believe when I looked
on to Home Access and saw that
was now on there:(  
Meeting Sweet Baby Ellis!!!!!!!!!!
Hudson could have made the 
sweetest big brother....
So happy to be holding this
precious little baby love...
Hadlee & Bax!
Hudson not wanting to let him go!
Hadlee loves babies:)
Baby Ellis is just perfect....
Lessons with DJ...
this kid never stops!
Sick in May:(
Poor guy felt awful...
Such a big boy though!
Shopping at Walgreens for my team
so we could have matching shirts!!!
Leave it to me to find
a cute top there, too;)
Miss Mac's insta is my fave!!!
Hadlee most always makes it on there;)
Celebrating Lily's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!
I loved these frames that I found
for some teacher gifts.
My children's teachers are definitely
the "Lord's doing"!
I like to try and do a sentimental gift
with a gift card to our favorite teachers/people.
We are so just baffles my mind.  
My student Kenny, who didn't start
off liking me and we struggled to get
along at first, but then he became my
favorite ~ he ended up sticking up 
for me the rest of the year ~ gave me
this at the end of the year.
It meant so very much.  
This quote is so poignant and exactly
how I know many of my children's
teachers have made my own kids feel.
There is no greater gift.  
Dropping off Walker, Jonathan and Jonah
for one of the last times at RVI:(
Sweet Sister on one of her last days
in 3rd grade with Ms. Penson:(

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