Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Journey These Days

These days are busy.
But it's a good busy:)
My former students stop by
ALL the time!!!  I love seeing them...
especially this sweet girl on Hcoming week.
Huds is busy with Mrs. Janice
and Adrienne...and always having FuN!!!
They make MY day sending me
pics!!!  They are TRULY the BEST!!!!!

I never have to worry that he's
not loved and cared for like crazy!
This text popped up on my phone
letting me in on a surprise
that Troy ordered for me!!!
ME?  A new iPhone on the actual
release date.  Yep.
And I had never even done
the latest greatest updates on my last phone;)
Hadlee wanted to run for the
"Rachel's Challenge" group at
her school.  Walker was in this, but
back then the students were just chosen.
I was so proud of Hadlee's desire
and diligence.  I hope she gets chosen!!!
I LOVED how she said she wanted
to "follow in Rachel's footsteps."
So sweet!!!
I also noticed this in Walker's
Language Arts spiral.
I love what makes up his heart:)
AND his Summer T-shirt he
made at school.
Great Wolf, Hfalls, Football in Troy,
and BSR Cable Park.  Too cute!
Just another day in Mrs. Pierce's class...
a boy playing the Ukulele
and a boy dancing in a grass skirt! ;)

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