Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Getting Back to It ...

Hudson is really into "working out"!
He will come home and change into 
his "work out" clothes and get to work.
Running back and forth, push ups, etc!
It's too funny!!!
Unfortunately he doesn't get this from
his mama...totally from his daddy! 
Hadlee's sweet friend from school 
named Dev challenged Hadlee
and Jersi to do the ALS Ice Bucket 
Challenge AND to make a donation.
I didn't know how Hadlee would 
take this, but after I explained it to her,
she couldn't WAIT to do it!
She loved it!!!
I love that Dev chose Hadlee
and that they are all learning
about the importance of raising
awareness and money for good causes!
Hadlee was too cute on her video!
She challenged Peyton Parnell,
Haley Moore and her Daddy!!!!!!!!!!
These were her choices:)
After her video, Hudson cried
because he wanted to do it, too!
So, we let him!!!!!!!!!
He challenged his daddy, too!
Their videos were precious!
Daddy obliged and did it next...
such great sports and we made a donation, too!
 This guy who is ALL about 
football and trick shot videos
was challenged by a friend
later and he also participated!  :)
Kate Kate celebrated her 12th birthday 
early with a PiNK party!  It was too cute!
I love their sweet friendship and hope
it lasts FoReVeR!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a precious party!!!
I love that Kate chose to include Hadlee
along with all the girls her own age
and her little cousins.
The next day, Kelli and I were 
back at Midway for convocation
and a luncheon.  Even took a
90's class pic with all the teachers
who went to Midway.  
We've come a long way...
Kelli and I were in the same 
kindergarten class at Woodway Elementary!
Best friends ever since.....
We got to be together the next day, too,
at some meetings.  Love my best friend:)
I couldn't do this life without her.
She's the real deal.
EXCEPT that she took a picture of
me sleeping in one of the meetings
on her iPad.  Not cool!!!!!!!!
How handsome is THIS guy who
was days away from turning 12 when 
he took this selfie with my phone?!?
It's hard being back at work after summer...
when my kids aren't back in school yet. 
I love routine, but I miss when my kids
are just at home.  I soaked up
the time when I was at home 
after work though!!!
Hudson is my love child:)
Kyndal stayed the first part 
of the week with the kids
and they had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is wonderful and Walker loves
that she gets to bring Jonah with her:)
Kyndal is such a precious soul
and I love that we have gotten to
know her so well! 
This would be my daughter when I
got word that Jersi is in her
third grade class!!!!!!!!!! :)
Hanging with my sweaty boy
at the park!!!!!!!!!!
Walker AND Hudson went with the
Carrs to see the Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtle movie!  This was
a huge deal that Hudson went...
and he had a BLaST!!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda felt soooo good that Huds
went with her.  I trust her with
everything and am so thankful for
her friendship AND her precious boys!
Getting closer to the first day of
third grade.  Picked up Hadlee's
monogrammed dresses:)
THE dreaded back to school
hair cut for my boy;(
We have made so many new friends
through baseball and football...
I love that.  The other day Hadlee
was invited to a little sister's b-day
party.  They had a HUGE slide
and we all had a blast! 
I never, ever know what my kids
are up to or what they are doing
to one another.  Never a DuLL moment!;) 
What if my Hudson had been a girl!!!!!!!
He would have made a cute little
girl, but I'm SO glad he's a BoY!!!
God knew exactly what the
Pierce Party needed to complete us!
Look who helped me work
in my classroom!!!!!!!
They love being in my classroom
and playing school:)
This is what a tired mama/teacher looks like;)
BUT ready to welcome my new
10th graders and love them all year!!!
Especially with a fun, sweet new
friend right next door! :)
Getting our back to school snuggles in!!!
AND of course our back to school
prayers and giggles!!!!!!!
My prayer for this upcoming year...

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