Monday, September 15, 2014

First Friday Night Lights

The first Friday of the year!!!
Go Midway!!!!!!!
The first Friday also means
the first FRiDaY NiGHT LiGHTS
of the SeaSoN!!!!!!!!!!
My three H's melt my heart. 
Cutest Couple EVER!
when the football players run out
through the big panther!!!
He LOVES it!!!!!!!!
We had such a fun night. 
First of all, I cracked up because
we came and sat near where the boys
had all sat.  Walker looked at me like
"oh noooooooo you aren't coming
this close to where I'm sitting" ;)
BUT then over the next little
while, ALL the kids ended up
sitting right behind us totally
interacting with all the parents:)
THEN, I got word that Haley's
new friend that is a boy had asked
her to be his "girlfriend"!!!
Even Troy didn't take this news well.
Mark, Haley's dad, insisted that
she bring the boy on up to meet
them...well, meeting Haley's parents
meant that he first had to get passed
ALL the dads!!!  It was HiLaRiOuS!
Poor guy ~ this was the dads
waiting on him to walk up there!!!!!!!!!!!
Logan has totally become
Hudson's favorite buddy!!!
Such fun friends!!!!!!!!!!!!
And precious friends, too!!!
Midway with a BiG WiN, too!!!

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