Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Third Grade & Silly

Silly girl comes home with "boy"
stories every single day...
NOT her liking boys, but boys
liking HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It happens to be the cutest, sweetest
little guys whom I know their parents...
but still!!!  This day Cannon and 
Hayden had both drawn her pictures.
Daddy does NOT think this is as 
cute as I think it is!!!!!!!!!!!;)

She is just so cute and sweet...
even if she is now 110% Aggie.
Not a chance for a Baylor Girl anymore.
She and Walker bleed maroon
just like their daddy;)

  Third grade must be exhausting!
Found her asleep like this
with her library book:)
My little girl is a MeSS!
An absolutely beautiful, sweet,
crazy MeSS!!!!!
I love her so much!

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