Saturday, September 13, 2014

First Game Day = Fun Day

All of Walker's games are played in 
Troy, Texas.  He and Troy leave early
so the H's and I usually stop for fun 
drinks and then head down I-35!  
 Cheerleaders huddling up before the game!!!
Uniforms still hadn't arrived...
but they looked so cute in their
hot pink cheer outfits:)
"I got that Boom Boom Power!!!!!!!!"
Their first pyramid!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These girls are something else;)
The Panthers WON!!!!!!!!!!
Walker scored on a two point
 conversion and had a great game!
Love the photo bombers;)
SO proud of our Bubba!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was Grandmother's first time
to ever see her boy play football!
She loved it!
Daddy loves watching his boy play football!
We celebrated at 
Poppa Rollos after the game...
Then everyone came to our house!!!
We had "girl" time...
And the boys had "boy" time....
I love these girls!!!  
Hudson totally thinks these 
guys are his buddies:)
But Huds is totally (and literally)
"hooked" on Haley!!!
That evening we all went to 
the Moores to eat and swim...
Of course the boys had to have 
a competition on the diving board
WITH a football!!!!!!!
The girls put on quite the show;)
Such a great group of guys!!!
Go Haddie & Haley!!!
Walker, Jonah, Cooper, Jared, Logan
Such a great day from start to finish!
We started out at football that morning
and got back home around 10:30 that night.
Good times:)

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