Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Date is YOU

"When we get home,
I'm going to get dressed for my date.
And Mom, my date is YOU!"
Hudson Jack Pierce
4 years old...driving home in the car
September 2014

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snekcip said...

Awww these are the moments to live for. Boys LOVE their mommas!!! I can remember when my oldest son went off to Kindergarten, in the evenings after exiting the bus he would be so excited to see me. He would ask me "Momma, what did you do all day while I was at school", I playfully would answer "hungry for you to return home". The very next day after getting off the bus, he was anxious to show me what he had for me "in his pocket". Afraid, it was a critter of some sort, I directed him to "show me my gift" BEFORE we got inside the house. Lo and Behold, instead of a critter, it was part of his lunch dinner from school!! A smashed roll, and a few lint covered green beans and a piece of meat. He looked up at me and said "I didn't want you to be HUNGRY anymore while I'm at school"!! I still hold that memory close in my heart and realize KIDS TAKE YOU LITERALLY!! That young man is now 29years old and lives in Garland, as do all my BIGS. I still "get hungry for ALL of them to come home" for a visit. Jobs, families sometimes hinders that, but we still manage to "satisfy" that hunger on holidays.(((Sighhhh)))) it never gets easy just tolerable. Enjoy the younger years because they grow up way too fast. Beautiful pic of you and Hudson!! FRAMEWORTHY!!