Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Busy But a Blast!

I am having a BLAST with my new
teaching team.  I just love them so, so much!!!
I am so thankful that God provided
this group for me to teach with this year!
Sleepy Head Hair at Mrs. Janice's ;)
This girl and the selfies I find on my phone;)
Showing Grandmother her creations
in the spiral she gave her!!!
Hudson & Beau :) 
Precious Little Aggie Girl:)

Mrs. Janice texted us this picture
to tell us how the kiddos are getting
ready for iPads at Midway!!!
So funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Celebrating the third week of school
at our favorite restaurant!!!

My best friend, Kelli G, turned 40!!!
This is the year I will also turn the
big Four-OH!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!
Kelli and I are still so cool at 40;)
I absolutely could NOT do life
without this girl!!!!!!
Without our texts and talks alone,
I don't know what I'd do.
My longest, dearest, and now oldest
best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 11, 2001
We will never forget!!!!!! 
I still can't believe 9/11 happened...
much less that it was 13 years ago
before I even had children. 
Prayers for so many on this day:(
I thought this shirt was perfect
for Hadlee to wear on this day:
"Make PEACE Happen"
I also happened to notice this on
Walker's Instagram.  Of course he
hasn't a clue what 9/11 was really
like...but I love that he was
thinking about it and chose to post this. 
I had gone to parent night at 
South Bosque and came home to find
Troy and the kids outside riding bikes...
I love my little family so much. 
That night Troy and I stayed up cutting 
out things for Hadlee's teacher!!! 
At least we had some entertainment;)
Friday night Hadlee worked on 
her "ponytail" skills!!!
She is getting pretty good:)
Saturday afternoon.......
lots of friends over...
wouldn't have it any other way!
Silly, Sweet Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A random cold front also hit this 
weekend which I did NOT like;(
I saw this on facebook...it 
couldn't describe me better!!!!!!!!!

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