Monday, September 22, 2014

Soccer "Practice"

We are feeling so guilty!!!
Our little Hudson wanted to play soccer
so bad...but we decided to wait
since he's still so young and we knew
we were going to be SO busy with football
and back to school, etc.
We really didn't realize just how much
he wanted to play though:(
Poor guy comes home every day
and changes into his "soccer clothes"
(which includes a certain shirt,
a belt and his tall socks)
then he goes outside to "PRACTICE."
He comes back in and tells me
things his "coach" tells him
and talks about different friends
that he makes up from practice ~
names and all!!! 

We should have signed him up;(
PLUS...he's really quite good.
I don't know soccer myself,
but the boy can KiCK!!!!!!

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