Sunday, September 21, 2014

Boom Boom Power

"My name is Hadlee!
I go to school...
 I got them muscles! 
 To do them hustles! 
 I got that BooM BooM PoWeR"
Our precious little cheerleader!!!!!!!!
First game to wear the uniform:)
This little girl is growing up right
before my very eyes!!!  She is
LOVING this cheerleading thing.
She's spirited, does jumps,
tumbles, and yells her little heart out.
The cheers are too cute and funny.
Daddy says she can "Boom Boom"...
but no PoWeR!!!!!!!!!
These three are having a blast!!!
They even make up their own cheers!!!
Ella is the other "little sister" on the team,
but couldn't do cheer because it would
have interfered too much with her soccer.
Just such sweet girls...
all with big brothers who are friends!!!
It's fun to be cheering for Stud Muffin Big Bro!!!
 Go Panthers!!!
They got that BOOM BooM PoWER!!!!!
My darling little girl...
keep your spunk, your passion,
your sweetness, your joy,
and most of all your love for Jesus
You melt your daddy and mommy's heart!

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