Tuesday, September 2, 2014

THE Uniform

Hold me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This mama needs to be held! ;)
The uniforms for the Tri-City 
Panthers arrived...
and Walker just had to try his on!!!

First, he gave me this serious
GAME DAY face...
But I told him he had to smile:)
even with a mouth piece
Gotta have the gloves in the pic, too! ;)
I've never in my life known a 
cuter football player!
#86 is my heart
After he took everything
off, I noticed him laying it all 
out so he could take a picture of
it for his Instagram.  So cute:)
And even cuter was that Troy
came along and saw the uniform
laid out and HE took a picture
for HIS Facebook!!!
So far Walker is loving football.  
We had NO idea what to expect when
we signed up for this.  We really wanted
Walker to wait one more year and
start with 7th grade football.  
This was ALL Walker's decision
and we are SO very proud of him.
I am just PRaYiNG with all 
my heart that he doesn't get hurt!!!

Go #86!!!

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