Thursday, September 4, 2014

Haley Days

Haley and Jared pretty much moved
in with us for a few days
on our last week before school started!
The kids LOVED having them:)
Haley is like Hadlee's big sister.....
I love their precious relationship!
Haley is another PERFECT sitter
because she can bring Jared along with her.
These two guys have become so
close.  They are so funny together.
"Bro Pro" is what they call themselves;)
Sweet Girl cuddling and asleep
with Haley Girl. 
This makes my heart smile:)
Haley did Hadlee's hair
for Meet the Teacher night:)
Later that night Walker did the
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
Jared had nominated him.
AND then Hudson, Hadlee and Jared
all did it again just for the fun of it;)
Then Troy juggled eggs?!?
Which led to an egg toss on a late
Thursday night?!??!!!???!!
Totally normal, right?!?
Hudson still has me in the #1 spot
to marry, but Haley has moved into
the #2 spot;)  He adores her.
Even took a nap on her one afternoon
AND he gives her kisses:)
But these two are the most precious!!!
So thankful my girl has someone
like Haley in her life.  Haley calls us
her second family and we all
absolutely LOVE that title! 


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