Saturday, September 6, 2014

Walker's First Football Scrimmage

Tri-City Panthers had their first
scrimmage on August 23rd
in the blazing heat;)
Walker, Cooper, Jared & Jonah
waiting to take the field...
I love me some #86!
It was also this little cheerleader's
first time to cheer!!!
Their uniforms didn't arrive on time
so we got them these little outfits.
They were so cute!!!
My sweet partner:)
One certain Dad didn't sit with me...
in fact, he never sat down;)
His eyes and mine were on #86!
He looked great at his first scrimmage!!!
Walker is starting on offense
and defense so far!  He's been
working so hard!!!  He's
playing tight end/corner.  (I think!)
This cutie pie thought the game
was WAY too hot!!!!!!! 
Hadlee, Halie, Nadali!!!
Our Precious Cheerleaders:)
Troy wasn't the only dad not sitting;)
Sideline talk!
Troy was SO proud!!!!!!!!!!!
After the juniors' game, Kaylee
got to join us for some cheers!
They all had some BOOM BOOM POWER!
Seriously!  Boom Boom Power
CRACKS me UP.  That's Daddy standing off
to the side (and shaking his head!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Their first pyramid!!!!!!!!!
Go Panthers!!!!!!!!!!
Back to my Stud...
This little girl was hot and tired!!!
We nominated Haley to
be the cheer coach;)
Panthers WON!!!!!!!!!
After the game on our way into
a restaurant, Walker looked at me and
said..."Did you see how I caused
a fumble?"  Of course I did, honey!!!
He was referring to his first BIG
tackle...Walker came out of
nowhere and knocked a guy down
and it caused him to fumble!
Walker was HOOKED, right then
and there, I think:)
I'm so proud of him
and my prayers are growing
stronger and stronger that
he doesn't get HURT! ;(
We had an awesome time celebrating
our win at George's!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not sure what my favorite part of
Walker's first EVER football game was that day
... my boy's pure EXCiTeMeNT
(especially over that first tackle),
my husband's JoY watching
his son play a game he loves
OR when Walker told me that his coaches
said the other team might talk trash ~
and that "it might get personal
and they might even bring your mama into it!" 
I literally laughed out loud!  

It was a great first scrimmage...
we are loving this team and all the families already!
Go Panthers!!!!!!!!!!

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Brandi said...

Your babies have gotten sooo big!! Y'all are so smart to take the tent. I had an umbrella but it was still sooooo hot. I'm so over this Tx heat!!!!!!