Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Homecoming 2014

MHS Pep Rally with my School Besties:)
These things really are fun!!!
I am loving my girls!!!!!!!!
Three of my students decorated
my door for a contest all on their own.  It was a
western theme...but we didn't win :(
Sweet, precious girls though!!!!
Of course Daddy had his sweet
girl a mum!!!!!!!!!!!
Aunt Kitty and Uncle Ron
always had one for me
Right up until the year a boy gave me one!
It was a crazy afternoon because
a big group of boys went to celebrate
a birthday at Poppa Rollos...
so we were waiting on them/
rushing around trying to get to the game. 
I thought these two little
Midway Panthers were too cute for words:)
I loved my date!!!!!!!!!!!
Daddy with his Girl
Homecoming 2014
They melt my heart!!!
We were actually big shots
that night because our four families
had the suite at Panther Stadium!!!
We had a full meal from Leal's
and an amazing view of the game!!!
The silly girls had a blast!!!!!!!
We might be in big trouble
with these two someday;)
The Boys!!!!!!!!!!
Haley was with her Homecoming Date...
but she came up to see us!!!
Had to have a pic of our girls, too!
My H Girls:)
I don't know that Huds liked
Haley being on a date;)
I love Haley so much
and we are honored that she
calls us her second family:)
Hadlee's mum was perfect for Little Haley, too!
We were winning big at the half.
This is Hudson's FAVORITE part...
A huge blow up panther, smoke
AND football players!!!  
Mama Fun!
The girls doing the school song...
Midway High to You Forever
It was a very
Happy Homecoming!!!

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