Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Classroom!

I thought it might be fun to take
some pictures of my classroom.
Pretty much everything is the same
except that I did a little sprucing
up to my desk:)
This is my view.............
except usually there's a classroom full
of teenage sophomore students! 
I love me some fun colors of Expo markers:)
Always have, Always will!!!
My daughter's love of chevron has
rubbed off on me!!!!!!
I have several little "treasures" in my room
that make me smile:)...
picture of Travis and me at school,
a pillow my mother gave me for my first
classroom, a picture Macy colored
a long time ago for me that I laminated,
my "Mignon, non?" poster...
something that Troy always says to me
in the cutest little voice;)
Walker's magazine clipping from when his principal
chose him as the first student to be featured when
he was in 4th grade, Hadlee's "Mom is my BFF"
sign that she made me, and a painting
Hudson did for me when he was little little.
When I'm sitting at my desk and I look
to my left, these are the people I see...
Just a few little glimpses into my room!
Of course my other favorite parts are the
walls of pictures of my students!!!
And the post it notes that my seniors
from two years ago (Logan's group)
left all over my room with messages on them;)

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snekcip said...

Awww thank you for the virtual tour of your classroom! My eyes bulged when I saw you were taught English. English "was" my favorite subject in High School, now that I'm taking English in college...well not so much!! It's very complex!! Thus my absence from blogland. I'm HEADS DOWN in books on every work break and at home. Glad to see your school year is off to a BRIGHT and COLORFUL start!!