Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First Day of School 2014

Sixth Grade, Third Grade,
and One More Year 'til Kindergarten!
This guy doesn't skip a beat...
just ready to roll
into sixth grade...
his last day as an 11 year old.
The year of Nike for him! ;)
Sweet Girl...a little bit teary eyed,
but that was okay
Chevron dress courtesy of Grandmother,
Vera Bradley and Converse:)
Cute as ever!  So excited
to see Mrs. Janice:)
And a Mommy behind the camera praying
her heart out over her babies on their
 first day of school!!!!!!!!!!
Sixth Graders!!!!!!!!!!
My new riding partner to school...
Sweet, precious Kyndal!
We love her!!!!!!!
Big Boy Hudson!!!!!!!
He missed Mrs. Janice
all summer long!!!!!
Daddy took sweet girl to school...
we were hoping that would help with less tears;(
 And she did great!!!
Ms. Penson is wonderful:)
 Of course Hadlee's future Mother-in-Law
got some pics for me, too!  :)
 Third Graders!!!
Speaking of wonderful,
how AMAZING is it to get an
e-mail like this from your child's teacher
on the first day of school!!!!!!!
My mother asked me to send her a selfie;)
(We have to wear these shirts on the first day!!!)
Then I received this picture
from Mrs. Janice...she thought
Huds looked like an angel
writing his letters. 
Sweet Boy.  I love him so. 
And I am so grateful to Mrs. Janice
 for loving him!!!
I have a new favorite student!!!
Love having my Haley Girl in my class:)
Everyone was happy as can be
that afternoon!  Thank You, Lord!!!
Walker & Hudson didn't seem to skip
a beat...not even that morning.
Sister's tears were far less than they've
ever been and that afternoon she
was her sweet, spunky self!!!

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