Sunday, September 7, 2014

Walker's 12th Birthday Party

 I absolutely LOVE celebrating my
kids' birthdays!!!!!!!!!!
Love LOVE Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so excited when a few months ago,
Walker mentioned a cool football movie
coming out around his birthday!!!
I love me a theme;)
Huddy was pumped to celebrate, too!!!!!!!!!
We had quite the crew at the party!!!
Nothing like 23 boys and 3 girls!!!!!!!!
The movie was awesome!
It had a great message
and I hope the boys heard it!!!!!
Here they come after the movie!!!
TWELVE Years Old...
I seriously can't believe it. 
And such a good kid.
I love him more than I ever
knew I could love. 
Same goes for his sister & brother!
And I love so much how they love each other!
Singing Happy Birthday!!!!!!
All the boys stood up to sing!  Funny!!!
I pray his wishes come true!
He's a loved boy!!!
After cake, it was pretty much
Crazy boys everywhere!!!!!!!!!
But good, fun crazy!!!
All sixth graders...many of the guys
are ones that he's been buddies with
since kindergarten, some he's made
through sports and a few brand
new friends from this year:)
I think everyone had a great time!!!
Little Bro Cannon is like a brother to Walker!
We always include Cball!!!!!

Zach Attack & Walky Talky
Matthew M.
Wouldn't you know a game of football
had to start in the theater!!!
The TriCity Panthers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grayson, Grant, Logan, Coop, Jared, Walker, Jonah
Thankful for two moms and two dads
we are friends with that stayed for the movie
and to help!!!  AND of course for
Grandmother...she decorated
the room while we got everyone
in the theater!!!!!!
The Girlies!
Party Zone!!!!!!!!!!!
My gorgeous H girls!
I had big plans for the "photo booth"
but I decided it would be too crazy
with ALL the boys......after most cleared
out, we started having fun with it!
So, this is twelve?!??!!!? ;)
And this is what you find on your phone
when you leave it laying around;)
More Photo Booth FuN!!!!!!!!!!!
This face they make kills us!!!!!!!
The girls had fun, too!!!
These two are something else,
that's for sure!!!!!!!!!
I love being THIS guy's mom!!!!!!!!!!!
I seriously think he's the
greatest first born son EVER!!
It took forever to open all those
cards once we got home
(and count the money!!!).
He didn't even need gifts!!!!!!!!!
Just his buddies:)
I love how Walker has so many
friends from so many different groups.
There were several more he wanted
to invite, but I had to draw the line.
Then a few whom he saw at
Meet the Teacher night that he wished
he had invited.  Sweet guy!
The party was a BLAST!!!!!!!!!
The Pierce Party of Five
couldn't love our 12 year old more!!!

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