Friday, September 5, 2014

Meet the Teacher ~ 6th & 3rd

Time really, truly does fly.
I have a sixth grader and a third grader.
I still feel like I'm a college girl...
well, maybe not that young. 
But young.
On the day of Meet the Teacher,
my sweet girl just had to make
something for Mrs. Bain (her
second grade teacher whom
we absolutely ADORE). 
Hadlee made her a duct tape
bag with a card inside
decorated with "Owl always love you."
Just sweet on every level...
my girl, the thought, and the
impact Mrs. Bain has had on her life
(and MINE!).  
But it's time for THiRD GRaDE
with Ms. Penson!!!
Walker's third grade teacher is no longer
at Midway:(, but this amazing woman
was her best friend!  We are thrilled
that Hadlee has Ms. Penson!!!!!!!
Troy and I fell in love with her at
Ms. Swafford's wedding when we
danced the night away with her;)
I already love her so, so much.
She's just fabulous!!!!!!!
Just a random Hudson selfie;)
The Big Brothers were matching by accident!!!
Guess who also got Ms. Penson?!?
Our Sweet Jersi Girl:)
Third grade is already AWESOME!!!
AND Cannonball, too!!!!!!!!!!!
My three favorite third graders:)
I can't even begin to think about
the fact that NeXT year this little guy
will be at South Bosque, too!!!
He was already sporting the
shirt we bought that night;)
Then it was off to River Valley
for Walker's 6th Grade
Meet the Teacher(s) Night!!!
Walker's homeroom and advanced math
teacher is Mrs. Gross!  She is an
ABSOLUTE DOLL!!!  She is spirited
and sweet and I am thrilled that
Walker has her this year!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't be more proud of
my sixth grader!!!!!!!!!
Walker asks for/wants nothing
extra for his locker. ha!
I should already be shopping for stuff
for Hadlee's locker at RVI! ;)
Walker & Walker
Walker & Jonah
So thankful for their friendship.....
we love him like he's our own.
These two are just like sisters!!!
The photo op that Kelli & I intended
didn't go quite as planned! ;)
This time it was Kate Kate being the silly one!!!
BUT how precious are these two girlies?
With the casual photo bomber in the back!;)
And of course my boys with
Jared.  Love him like our own, too!!!
Hudson didn't need to have a
Meet the Teacher night at Mrs. Janice's...
but she and Adrienne certainly
had things ready!!!!!!!!!
And Hudson had his new
folder ready to take!!!
AND the homework that he said
Mrs. Janice had given him
(homework over the summer?  ha!)...
A new school year?!?
Bring it ON!!!!!

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