Wednesday, September 10, 2014

These Days

Pure LOVE and JOY...
can't imagine life without this
happy go lucky little boy:)
We met up with precious Hallie
at the park on the evening of the
 first day of school!!!
All smiles for the second day of school!!!
Looking like that cutest little girl EVER
in her frocket shirt by Julianna!!!:)
THE BiRTHDaY BoY!!!!!!
Bless his heart...his birthday always
falls on the first or second day
of school each year;(
Twelve Years Old!!!
Love him more than EVER..........
Let's Do This!!!!!!!!!!!
A field trip on the second day?!?
WAHOOOOO...field trip to Chickfila!!!
A Selfie for Amanda...she got me
these darling, fun pants! :)
My AMAZING new team!!!
Love them all so much already:)
Trey, Brandy, Sarah
and excited for us to be a team!
Sweet Girl...Day Three:)
How BiG and HaNDSoME is my
twelve year old?!? 
Thank you, Lord, for this kid!!!!!!
He is my heart and soul.
Lego City at Mrs. Janice's ;)
These smiles are just about all I need :)
Love our Evenings.......
Hadlee continues to be PETRIFIED
of bad weather so I warned Mrs. Penson
ahead of time.  Imagine my surprise to receive
this e-mail from Mrs. Penson
early one morning when bad weather
was predicted.  Talk about an
awesome teacher.  We are SO blessed!!!
This boy has done so well adjusting
back to the routine...........
Quite the Gang!!!!!!!!!!
Such cutie pies!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hadlee & Hudson LOVE steak now!
Friday night at the Pierces...
Jonah loved Troy's steak, too:)
Trying on "heelies" at Academy...
tennis shoes with roller skates.
We were cracking up at this kid!!! 
This particular Saturday was Baylor's first
day to play at their awesome new
McLane Stadium.  Seriously my
kids got up and put their Aggie clothes
on!!!!!!!!  BUT Hudson chose a
solid white shirt...I really thought
he was being neutral??? 
Until he begged and begged and begged
for this cool A&M Nike shirt in Academy
and he immediately put it on!!!!!!!!!;(
Brooke and John stayed
with us after the Baylor game!!! 
Love Brookie as if she were my own
little sister!!!  We had to send this to Kelli:)
We spent Labor Day at the Carrs...
swimming and grilling:)
They are such wonderful friends to us!!!
The first week of school was
exhausting...but it went really well
and I feel so thankful for that.

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