Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Halloween Throw Back

Happy October!!!!!!!!!!!
When I was getting out my
Halloween decorations,
I came across my Holly Hobbie
and Snoopy costumes.
Yes, the ones that used to come
in a box!!!!!!!!!!!
I talked Hadlee & Hudson into
putting them on and then put
a sheet over Walker to be a ghost
(Troy always jokes that he had
to go as a ghost every Halloween;)
I literally had TEARS rolling
down my face with these costumes on them!
Hadlee was hilarious with that mask!
Walker was a funny ghost, too!  ;)
I was probably about her age
when I went as Holly Hobbie. 
Maybe a little younger. 
She had no idea who Holly Hobbie
was though;)
OR Snoopy.  My kids didn't
even know Snoopy!!!!!!!!

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