Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tickled Pink

Walker's shoes and socks ready
for his Pink Out football game!
He decided he would be playing this
game in honor of his 4th grade teacher
whom we love and is fighting breast
cancer for the second time AND his
current music teacher who is precious
who is just finishing treatment
after having breast cancer.
May God heal them BOTH!!!!!!
My handsome boys!
They both have such sweet hearts.
I love being a boy mom.  
The Pink Panthers!!!
Pink  Cheerleaders!!!
Lots of Boom Boom Power!!!!!!!!!!!
Walker caught three passes that game...
one for a two point conversion and the
other for a LONG TOUCH DOWN PASS!!!
So exciting!!!
Way to Go, #86!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Huds was all about getting the tee after the kick offs!
Pep Talk from Dad!!!
He was so proud of his boy!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't even know it, but Hudson
and Nadaly went over to Troy and asked
him for money for the concession stand.
Troy asked if they were going on a
"date"?  Apparently they were!!!
They held hands all the way
over there!!!!!!!!!!
Go Panthers!
Another Panther Victory!!!
There's our Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Beautiful Girl H's!!!
Just like sisters!
Of course it was Jared who made
that long touch down pass to Walker!
Love these two!!!!!!!!!!!
We spent the rest of the afternoon/
evening at the Moores eating and
watching football and....
sleeping!!!  ha!
Oh and playing, too!!!!!!!!!!
I was tickled pink the whole weekend:)
AND extremely prayerful for my
friends fighting cancer!!!!!!!!!

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