Tuesday, October 28, 2014


One afternoon when we were making
the short drive over to see Travis,
Huds talked me into letting him ride
in a booster seat.  He and his brother
and sister rode in the third row.
It was cute! 
They were just as excited as he was!
At the height of the Texas Ebola scare,
Troy met us out one afternoon equipped
with a draw string hand sanitizer
attached to himself!!!  ;)
Huds and Beau at the park with Mrs. Janice:)
MY sweet baby boy holding Bax,
Beau's precious new baby brother!
Sweet, Sweet, Sweet
Huds is ALL about this new baby!
Last Saturday morning, I literally
rolled over in my bed to Hudson
standing there ALREADY dressed
in jeans, an undershirt and a button down
(he loves this look!!!!!!!!!!!!).
I read this on Facebook the other
day and it really got me. 
I absolutely LOVE every single
last word of it and
pray for all that it says!

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